You're Roura SA Coffee, coffee roasting company located in Sant Feliu (Girona) started its way in the late fifties thanks to its founder Josep Vidal Roura. Since then, it has always devoted its activity in roasting and selling coffee at a provincial level, mainly in the area of the Coast.

The production of coffee is 100% natural, besides being roasted daily using traditional methods in the same factory. The distinguishing coffee is based on selecting the best raw materials, quality craftsmanship and treatment, since Cafes Roura SA pursuit of excellence is a constant, leaving nothing to chance.

The offer is completed with the inclusion of tea varieties of bulk teas, coffees and decaffeinated coffee farm, in order to give its customers a full range.

The products are characterized above all by its quality. And, according to the same words of mr. Ferran Roura, family businesses, small as this, "they seek, above all, product quality and differentiation of its offer in order to reach clients who not only want to offer a coffee to those who request it, but a cup of good coffee, like coffee and all at the same time be able to do that to remember his qualities. "

For this reason, Cafes Roura SA has opted in recent times by the shop "gourmet", the café as well as tasting also offer the traditional "coffee shop" Anglo-Saxon, ie selling their products, some own shops and other supplies that were all the raw material.

Comes the third generation of the family Roura and presented with "The Cafetí." A new way of understanding the cafe where luxury and tradition come together and coexist in perfect harmony, designed for premises with a high level of demand with respect to product use.


In short, the Family Roura has become the artisan coffee in a real art to be enjoyed in every cup.